Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mycelium Growth Patterns

My colleague Stephen Miller (from Biomagic) and I are feeling an urge to understand our reality so much deeper these days, through our own dialectics and study, and through experimentation. One idea that has fascinated us is that of growth patterns of complexity. It is one of the windows to examine seemingly diverse subjects from the evolution of the cosmos, biological evolution, the internet, etc.

In order to visualize growth in complexity and complexity in growth I have been filming the different stages of mycelium colonization. Mycelium and its role in Creation is a subject that we will come back to again and again, on this blog and in also in the teaching of Ecoversity. But first let let me share in some of my investigations visually --so we can all get on the same page. Here it is.... Mycellium Growth Patterns:

One of the people whose work I have followed and admired over the years is Paul Stamets. His understanding of mushrooms and mycelium (and their role in environment, remediation, medicinals, etc.) has been groundbreaking, original and authentic. The kind of thinking we need now. I will post a bookreview of Paul Stamets' Mycelium Running' soon on our Books of Note page.

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