Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Spirit of Water

 Usually at this time it is exceedingly windy and dry and often hot in New Mexico, but not this year. Here in Santa Fe we have been blessed by what looks most like an early monsoon. The gardens at Ecoversity are coming alive, including a series of new fruit trees and a field of grains as a ground cover.

While visiting in an Eco-community in the mountains of South Brazil, it was raining daily --enough to power  5 major  waterfalls on let's say 600 acres or so. I took the opportunity to follow the flow of water there and try to capture the Spirit of it, film its abundant forms and almost joyous instantaneous creative formations.
With the edit I tried to illustrate water's unique crystal formation, existing even in liquid water. It comes from a complex and totally chaotic combo of air and wind conditions during rain and the subsequent crashing on mineral stones --constantly re-organizing both as individual particles and as interconnected sheets held together by surface tension. Anyhow, enjoy and take another look at water, edited to music of Dream Jungle by Dwight Loop. View it Large (HQ) --Play it Loud.

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