Sunday, November 29, 2009

Obama goes to Copenhagen: What does it mean ?

Obviously there are enormous amounts of seemingly divergent issues at stake in Copenhagen --with climate change as their common denominator. These emergencies somehow need to be translated into action plans, new regulations, and long term monitary commitments to  dollars and cents by the developed rich countries.  Quite complex a process for it assumes that we will have the wisdom to compare justly apples and pears --bleaching of coral reefs with Sub-Sahara food crisis or receding glaciers -- and weigh our choices from the point of view of Being One -- One apelike   family that has gotten itself into a lot of trouble and now needs to find a way out. We will need to go way beyond the idea of nationalities (and.... by the way: that is not necessarily an argument for global governance and the spector of its repressive tools that are exercised by the very few --I want to get back to this later).

At this point in time, the path of survival for humanity is dependent upon how deeply we can identify with each other. We need to realize that we are on one cosmic boat charting the unknown.....together.

In a way we all know this --what most of us don't understand is why our reality is so divergent with our ideals and common humanity. How come the US until shortly thought it was normal to use 25% of the world's resources, and yet refused to play a contructive role in any type of climate regulation ?

It should be clear to everyone that this is ultimately a reflection of ruthless (super)power --to quote MaoPolitical power grows out of the barrell of a gun.

The capitalist economic model acquired a new levels of predatory ruthlessnesss after it wed to the Rand corporation game theory model, which has now infected Wallstreet, the military and (sadly to say) also our education and higher learning, and  holds that billions of selfish acting people somehow can create some kind of self perpetuating (if unjust) equilibrium for all. Now, faced with its logical end point, a kind of predatory capitalism based on control of the markets and money supply, is ruthlessly grabbing power and looks for new opportunities for inflated bubbles and frauds, while meanwhile busily unloading the previous punctured frauds on to the sleeping populous by way of a corrupt congress, and weak presidency. It really is kind of a fascism, at least in the sense of Mussolini fascism, where corporate interests merge with the state while the population is marginalized into economic pions or worse: cannon fodder for the endless empire fights to control resources. How else can one explain that almost without a whimper 50 million people in the United States itself will suffer from food insecurity this year, including one in four children. And the strangest thing is.... that there is no outcry, no credible plan, no outstretched hand.....Food insecurity? We should really call it for what it is....Hunger. "Hunger" is a visceral word and using that we connect with the people that suffer from it. Humans know about hunger in their genes, while food insecurity is just some concept dreamt up by some bureaucrat somewhere to obscure the reality....

I am sorry --I wish I wouldn't have to say this, and history may very well prove me wrong. I hope so. But I say this to my brothers and sisters in many countries all over the world --cause I know that you, like many of us here, projected your highest hopes and aspirations on an Obama presidency. So, since I know that many of you have limited access to the media, it is easy to get stuck with your highest ideals pinned on Obama. I have to caution you here.

The political legacy of the Obama administration so far is dismal and doesn't strike me as any "change" at all. And I don't say that as a conservative or a liberal, since I am neither. There is a change of the guard in Washington from the massive influence of oil and the Haliburton and Bechtel 'construction' companies under Bush, towards that of the financial and pharmaceutical sector under Obama: apparently it is 'their turn' to rape and pillage. These sort of tips of the  corrupt government-corporate iceberg  float on top of the constant drone of  a hypnotized media-nized society, an 'underwater' militarized, nuclearized,  security state that demands all resources to its disposal and forces its citizens into terrible debt in order to fight wars that are largely (but secretly) fought to secure economic gain (i.e the control of the Iraqi war-fields as real motivation to declare Iraq war, --still in progress, by the way) and force further monopolization of the money supply. The fact that most of the wars have gone badly, doesn't mean that not enormous sums of money are being made, in all kinds of ways that perpetuate the wars. (Karzai brothers link: how we fund Taliban). That is the problem with corruption and the privatization of the war. What people are talking about in congress and the media is the 'militairy' involvement in the war,  but what is largely unseen is the commitment the US government has made to private security companies such as Blackwater. Privatizing wars with corporate armies to hide them from the public eye, will very much complicate solutions to these wars, for throughout history mercenaries have always been the conduits of corruption on all levels (including a corruption of ethics).

The relationship between paper tiger Goldman Sachs and the Obama administration is way too cosy, and I wouldn't be surprised that whenever the scales swing back to an empowerment of democracy, that heads may roll in the courts. It is amazing to see that the people who engineered the deregulation under Clinton, that lead to enormous fraudulent privately held wealth and a decapitation of the middle class, are in total control of the bailout and the financial future of America. Again, it is unfortunate to say.... but what that indicates is a weak presidency. Putin would have gone in with his gang and arrested them, and drawn power to the state, but not in this day and age in America. Clinton was a con who needed to be loved by all means. Obama, for whatever reason takes it one step further. Obama has  a deep psychological need to be loved by his enemies and childishly he thinks that somehow it will give him power over them and he will master them. Other than clear betrayal, that is the only clear explanation of why Obama sold out the promise of 'Change' to vultures like Geithner, Bernanke, Summers,  and why he has staffed his administration with people that work for the nuclear lobby, for genetic modification, for chemical farming, against organics (etc.etc.). 

Apparently Obama is not just beholden to the Wallstreet Banks. Somehow touched by the poison of corruption and co-dependency,  a robust public option health care bill morphed into health insurance reform that forces people under penalties by the IRS to sign up yearly for one private insurance or another. So here you got it: the corporate interests, such as insurance and pharma that wrote the law in concert with the Obama administration and congress, can now make use of the tools of government (the IRS in this case) to enforce 'toll' to themselves. Really....I am not kidding... that is an indication of fascism. 

And meanwhile the US two largely privatized wars keep going on or are expanding, in many ways only visible to the americans by the human wreckage that is returning home from the war or the desperate atrocities that happen here such as the killings  at Fort Hood or an epidemic of suicides and spousal abuse that tear the seams of civilization. 

So.... you can see.... that I am not happy with Obama, and please don't think that it will be a victory when Obama attends Copenhagen. What that really means is that the definition of success in Copenhagen will be watered down to such an extend that Obama will be able to claim victory with almost no commitments to CO2 reductions by the US on the table. Watch out for that. It is like getting the nobel price for peace and meanwhile sending in more troops. It is the one dimensional man needed to sell the plan.
Obama will try to direct money to nuclear energy interests instead of alternative energy, and he will commit to the Cap and Trade model, since this gives plenty of opportunity for Wallstreet  to make hay out of monetizing these models,  and weave them into endless webs of derivative value (of real trees...) that can then mysteriously be traded and will form the basis of the next speculative bubble being perpetuated on an exhausted world.

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  1. A great read Mr. Malten.

    Here's the proper link to the Rand Game Theory:

    Related to this, now that Obama has indicated an escalation in Afghanistan, do you think that protests against war can do something to stop senseless killing and encourage spending on helping people and caring for the land?

    Am I being naively hopeful or "nativo"-ly realistic?