Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coral: Bones of the Ocean

Stay Posted, I will do some entries about my experiences on the Heraclitus Explorer Ship in the Carribean soon.

I found some coral on an island beach (Mustique) and was fascinated by its structures. I took a series of photographs of the inner stuctures of coral with up to 200 times magnification.  Corals are the bones of the ocean:  they give shape to habitat for so many diverse trees...

Oh Oh, a lot of Morgellons here --whatever they may be... look for them on the close ups: they look like hairs, long fibrous strands of filament, sometimes black, sometimes white, or even rust colored. It is very unlikely that my samples here were contaminated by hairs --so what are they?
I found these filaments as well in the closeups of my mycelium and mushroom footage. Any ideas ? 
Let me know.

I used a rare track by Madredeus --enjoy!

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