Saturday, May 1, 2010

The New Nebulae in Bread

....Sometimes a new harvest does wonders.....The newly milled Sangre de Cristo Nativo flour has inspired not just a different design in has attracted new apprentice designers, artisan bakers of all ages, including a student from St. Johns, a teacher at Del Monte charter school, a Greek Orthodox Monk, and a long time hermit as well. It feels great to share a quarter century of experience.
The interest in the staff of life is gowing in this time and is spreading back to some pueblos, and even some counties including Santa Fe itself are starting to take notice. The relationship between local food production, food security and healthy communities needs to be better understood as a motor of economic and social well being. Local markets and informed customers are the key to success.

We are experimenting with a low glutenine, high gliadin local variety of wheat and various new ways of natural fermentation. The new varieties of Nativo bread are easily digestible and may provide a solution for people who are suffering from various allergies, in particular for wheat, or yeast, or gluten. I am happy to  mention that our farming partners up North will this year be able to farm at least 120 irrigated acres with high quality Bio - Regional Grains.
When you eat become Nativo...... Nativo, ya llego.......!!


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  1. Hi Willem & Andre,
    That Nativo is some great bread.....I miss bread baking, thank you for letting me work with you my last day in Santa Fe! Nice photos & interesting blog! I had no idea you have been doing the artisan breads for so long.
    Hope I can visit Santa Fe again & get some of that bread!!
    Best wishes from Charlene