Thursday, July 15, 2010

BP Rules: Next Chapter in Security State

 The government has been not only incompetent --it is doing something much worse. Just like in the 911 disaster and in Katrina, Obama's administration is using this unspeakable event as an opportunity for further clampdowns on civil liberties. Now it is forbidden to do reporting in any significant way from anywhere where there is oil, or booms, or ships or........

It is clear who rules in America: BP rules. BP corporation gives its directives to Obama who in his turn directs his very average team of second hand car salesmen such as Ken Salazar, and admiral Phad Allen, the bumbling Dr. Chu, etc. to issue new decrees to be enforced by the National Coastguard. Who is in control here?
Now anyone interested in reporting anything of the oil spill will not be able to come closer than 65 feet from any boom ship or drop of oil on penalty of up to 40.000 dollar and some kind of felony prosecution. The employees working on removal are no longer available for questioning. Can't wait till Obama hands over that new job of oil-spill-cover-up-enforcement to a private security corporation such as Blackwater....maybe he already did......after all there is always a dollar to be made.

On the first video clip you ll get a glimse of the caliber of the new employees, who are supposed to keep you out, and the policies that go with it.....

It is in-excusable that the witnessing of the future of mankind is kept off base by a militarized secretive mission manned by mediocre corrupt leaders and morally bankrupt bankers.

Wait a minute. We need to fully witness. This concerns our common heritage. It is the beauty of the world that connects us, so when that beauty is being killed we need to find meaning. How can we possibly find meaning if we are denied access ?

Our crisis goes so deep in so many ways. But now, seemingly by ironic divine intervention (".... you want some more oil......? here..... have some....") we can clearly get the message: Our energy and oil addiction will destroy us. From now on we need to stop giving our power away to crony oil magnates and their lackeys' in government and the crony bankers that bankroll the whole scam.  These people are apparently only motivated by greed, hate and delusion.....they mistakingly call it "power".... Politics for them means: war on others and militarized securitized "homeland solutions" at home. The only asset America at this point has is a massive military machine: everyone fears that -- no matter whether you live in Iraq, Russia, Haiti or the Netherlands for that matter. So all these countries been placating the empire (for instance by hosting Hillary Clinton, or Bill, or Gates) and meanwhile planning its demise through strategic actions, quiet diplomacy and newly found alliances. We have seen that in the middle East, in South America, in Europe. One day America will suddenly wake up to the nightmare that it is standing pretty much alone, an abandoned lover on the world stage, with nothing to back up any claims of empire but endless amounts of worthless derivatives' paper, and warehouses full of freshly printed dollars that no-one wants.

When people voted for Obama, they wanted to believe that Obama was the right mixture between Kennedy and Martin Luther King. They were so focussed on their own projection that they didn't hear Obama speak about  the expansion of the Afghan War, claiming it as his war --even then. They didn't understand that Obama's campaign ( the most expensive ever) for the presidency was financed by so many established interests, the nuclear industry,  insurance, pharma, and banking, and oil (like under Bush). The public, lulled to sleep by Obama's  mantra amplified by docile media......hope ....change.....hope ......change.... couldn't imagine how that relationship, between Obama, banking and these corporations would shape and control his whole administration and politics. But it did.

"Hope... Change" was the whole Mantra and the rest was an illusion.

Obama is failing in the Gulf, precisely because he is on their payroll and his allegiances are thus conflicted. So far he has shown himself to be securely  in their pocket. He uses the tax resources of  State in the interests of banking, agri-business, insurance and pharmaceutica, military, nuclear, and as usual, oil. People and people's health and welfare and ability to live a decent live are of  very remote concerns in the White House. After all, most of us are now in a new class of "small people" , and BP's top man came on TV to assure us that Obama (and himself too...)very much cared about the "small people".

With BP's scanty promise of 20 billion (and then taken back in taxes) people's rights are further weakened. 
20 billion ?.... that will not even be enough to seriously clean up the marshlands. But for now we will just spend it on burning oil, spraying dispersants and terrorizing the media and population. The next chapter in shock...., etc. etc.

These next two videos are very informative on the next Gulf casualty: freedom of the press and information. I hope you'll watch them in full.

Amy Goodman reports on the media clampdown down:

good action.... let's start informing ourselves.....

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