Monday, June 27, 2011

Fires in Los Alamos: Danger Assessment: Code Red

like the pueblo people say..... Avanyu the water snake can turn into the fire snake
Los Alamos: where-ever you look there are accidents waiting to happen, one way or another --but the fires are really one of the worst immediate threats.

It looks on the Google maps plus wind direction that the Concha fires are making a B-line for the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory buildings. The vinyl tents over area G filled with contaminated drums waiting to be shipped to Wipp and some poorly designed nuclear waste pools are perhaps the worst case scenario. But vegetation is rather sparse up there and it is built next to a swamp water win area (smart -- que no ?). The Avanyu water snake petroglyph just underneath area G will be be blackened.

In other areas of the laboratory there are sprinkler systems to prevent spontaneous combustion of contaminated areas and that would be an easy target for a hot fire. Furthermore I am concerned about burning transfer stations, old bunkers, material storage, failing back up systems, and the town itself. This could be a firestorm consuming a lot of the old wooden (laboratory) buildings, but remember the 2000 fire also took out easily 25 houses, and very little was left of them.

To me this looks a lot worse than the 2000 fire, which was bad enough with underground material storage spaces (with God knows what? in them) burning even 6 weeks after the rest of the fires had long died down. We could have a 2011 sequel here, much more blackened than the first edition. And what about the animals ?

20000 people are fleeing their homes now. Since Santa Fe and this whole region is singularly unprepared, one should consider moving back to where-ever one came from at least for the time being. I know that the Los Alamos fire brigade is unprepared for a calamity like this, and who could blame them. There is wrath in this fire.

If there is a need to make extra bread, due to the influx of Los Alamos into the Santa fe Area -- let me know (505 920 1277) Also I would like to make people aware of a fire info meeting that Los Alamos Study Group (LASG) will host this tuesday 7-9 pm in room 116 at  St. John's United Methodist Church,1200 Old Pecos Trail

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