Saturday, July 2, 2011

A three headed fire snake consumes over 100.000 acres and briefly licks the lab....

Though the fire briefly 'licked' lab grounds at TA 16, luckily the worst case scenario (nuclear releases) has so far been avoided. Nevertheless Los Alamos and its mountains will never be the same and it may well come to pass that the whole area will experience desertification, and giant soil erosion --for when the rains finally come, there will be little to hold the soil from washing away. If nothing else the Concha fire is an environmental catastrophe of a large order and the fires are only its second chapter -- drought its first.

red is most recent activity: morphing up...a three headed fire-snake with a long tail..
Right now it looks as if the fire has split up  like a three headed snake with some free launching satellites and a long tail. They seems to be creating their own wind pattern -- possibly because of the high heat. According to the records Bandelier and surrounding areas only received half an inch of rain since January 2011. Each of the fire  cores is a large fire by itself, and  positioned to consume large amounts of fuel.  Santa Clara is threatened and a lot of sacred lands may be destroyed by the fires. Devastation will be abound.

A message to my Los Alamos (scientist) friends: Why go back to Los Alamos ? Wind, dust, smoldering after fires, and a laboratory that is dedicated to unleash fire storms on others.........? What is the fun living in the midst of so much irony....... ?

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