Monday, October 10, 2011

Children of Agent Orange - People & Power -

This is a very profound documentary and so beautifully made -- in many ways hard to watch without crying aloud. But we have to open our eyes and see: this is a problem of humanity and we all have to engage and be part of the solution. We have to understand that a huge crime was committed here, in the order of Hiroshima or worse. Mutagenic weapons, that is weapons that affect future generations, like nuclear weapons and biological weapons such as Agent Orange are an assault on evolution itself and are and should be illegal. Producers and users of these types of mutagenic weapons need to be questioned in court. We need to stand with our brothers and sisters in Vietnam and the US alike who have become victims of Agent Orange. The least we can do is make sure that this will never be repeated.
How a group of US veterans in Vietnam are trying to atone for the mistakes of the past.
Children of Agent Orange - People & Power - Al Jazeera English

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