Sunday, June 13, 2010


For your and our enjoyment I have made a little video on the breads that have been produced at Cloud Cliff and brought to the Santa Fe Farmers Market. The vast majority of the grains used is grown by  farmers in Northern New Mexico, close to the Colorado border.

The first really serious apprentice has now become a journey man, by producing a new type of bread called Desem, based on a long term unique fermentation process. It can best be compared to a mild sourdough, yet it has a flavoring typical only of its own. Very interesting..... Our Greek Orthodox old monk Father Elias, has been coming during the baking sessions ......helping..... reading...... complaining.... and providing us with the quiet peace that in needed for full concentration on bread creation. Gratitude. We will miss him terribly if he ever decides to go back to his hermitage on Mt. Athos, Greece.
And an architect student, involved in rebuilding Mumbay slums, India, has joined the crew as a new apprentice.
Eating pizza together in the middle of the day, with who-ever comes (including my wonderful daughter), has been a great encouragement to all.

In the heat of the evening the physical labor of baking in front of a large hearth,  kind of forces you to draw from other types of resources... within... you didn't think you had....and that energy...... that you'll find.... is somehow the same energy that transforms into bread....


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