Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holocaust at Sea

The Associated press reports that : 
Dolphins and sharks are showing up in surprisingly shallow water just off the Florida coast. Mullets, crabs, rays and small fish congregate by the thousands off an Alabama pier. Birds covered in oil are crawling deep into marshes, never to be seen again.   (wed. 16th, June 2010)

What this means is that the animals are trying to flee the oil-spill. They are running out of oxygen, and they are running out of food, rapidly. They realize something that we humans don't: they are getting ready to die, together. This should not be confused with a mass suicide: it is a mass killing. They know there is something wrong with one of the species on this earth: the ones that walk on two legs and don't have wings. When one ecosystem such as the Gulf, goes, others will follow. For humans it means that large swats of the Gulf Coast will become uninhabitable, due to lingering fumes, and the destruction of livelihoods and culture. There will be a diaspora of communities coming from that area, desperately trying to cling to any kind of normalcy and health.

 Russian scientists have stated that the impact of the dispersants will penetrate inland as the oceans form the clouds, tiny particles of the fleetingly light dispersant and oil droplets will be swept into these clouds, and will be unleashed as rain, over forests, agricultural lands, streams, rivers and cities alike. Yet we are not even allowed to ask what kind of chemical onslaught we are facing. Corporate secret. Punkt.

 How can they get away with this...? Excuse me.....Obama.... where is your leadership.... ? 

Barack.....!  You need to get advise from people who think differently than the ones that advice you. You need people like James Hansen to advice you on ecology, Michael Pollan on chemicals and food and Greg Mello on Nuclear Weapons. 
As far as BP is concerned.... act quickly like a dictator in princely armor. A Protector.  Immediately nationalize the American portion of BP including all its assets and funds. Work with the people that are knowledgeable in BP, jail top management, and fire the rest. Then gather the best, untainted analytical data and minds in the situation, digest the knowledge and understanding of the situation and the facts... and come up with a real solution for the increasingly volcanic oil gusher. Then execute the plan. You Are the Commander in Chief. 
Did I say volcanic ? Earlier this year I sailed the Caribbean on the Heraclitus sail boat. All of the islands, Bekhia, Santa Lucia, St Johns, Haiti, etc. are islands formed by volcanic activity,  still very active (and 'young' as you can see in this photo of Santa Lucia). The recent Haiti earthquake also suggests that this whole area is internally moving.  Some have speculated that the deep underground lakes of oil, that the Horizon platform penetrated, are somewhere in their system in close contact with hot lava streams which might explain the force and composition of the oil and gasses that are spewing into the Gulf. I think this is a reasonable hypotheses and needs to be taken into account. Toxic gasses may be on the increase, as the pressure seems to be as well. Dear Father, may you have mercy on us......
 I pray for all you big beings of the Gulf, I pray for all you small beings of the Gulf..... I am afraid that I cannot offer you any hope..... this is the end of your beauty and intricacy, the end of your endless networks of subtle relationships, which we humans have never been able to fully appreciate or understand.... let alone respect. In the end we can finally see what all of you have contributed to our lives..... you have been our friends all along....we will miss you terribly...... may you some day be able to forgive our greed, hate, and delusion, but for assured that due to our own stupidity as a species, as humans, the two legged.....we almost surely will find the same fate that we have bestowed on you....lack of air and lack of food......Lament .... Lament.....

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