Monday, April 4, 2011

Brazil Revisited 2011: Na Floresta

I know I have kind of lacked these days keeping up the blog. During the winter I spend two months visiting  an eco-community way outback in Brazil -- double click some of the photos.

mata atlantica
termite shaped h o r n o
together inoculating mushroom cultures : shitake & oyster
baking in sao paulo with claudio lorenzo at his masaria
before the rains came in from the amazon

horse finds shelter from the rain in the daime temple

 Brazil exudes a kind of self-confidence these days, and people love ex president Lula. Why ?

Whereas in the USA, within the last eight years, 20 million people sank into abject poverty and the middle class is destroyed, and the "Uber class" has become even smaller and wealthier, in Brazil  it can be argued that Lula is the most responsible person for lifting 20 million Brazileiros out of poverty --also within the last eight years.
What a difference a mind makes....One Mind makes the difference....

a new dawn in brazil
the auracaria that towers now....

was planted by the green man

creation: the oneness of water and spirit

the amazon rains have arrived...for days on end.... floresta....
the night twilights...
and full moon nestles in auracaria tree blessed are we....
 After coming back from Brazil, I noticed that the world had changed at jaw breaking speed. Everything is different now. I have found it hard to say anything about such a fluid situation, language falls short when events are moving so fast.... as if the Entity at the End of Time is casting its shadows back in time.....

In the coming entires I will examine some of the profound developments in the Middle East and also in the Nuclear arena.

Things are shifting, we have to procure courage, and realize that there is a 'martial advantage' in reading the signs.

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