Thursday, April 14, 2011

Santa Fe Style Nouveau: Architecture Quiz

I am writing an article about this, but first let me share the photographs.. and... let's do a quiz together. 

the other one may be "Jerry"
Here I try to capture the architecture of the first train station along the I-25, coming into the Santa Fe Area: to me, it gives a whole new meaning to "Santa Fe Style" --so it deserves the title "Nouveau".

It was built fairly recently under the administration of now vanished New Mexico governor Bill Richardson (once a presidential candidate--you'll remember), who also built the one track Roadrunner railroad between Santa Fe and ABQ --and sometimes further south. Now you will understand why the train in the first picture is named "Bill": that is just how we do things here.....

Anyway, I don't want to say too much about it myself --that would spoil the fun. Here is the Quiz:

 Please find a word to characterize the architecture in the following images.  One word would be fine, or two or three -- however, if you care to elaborate on your entry--that might be interesting. Reactions from "Out of Town" are of course very welcome as well--it is always informative when some 'fresh eyes' look at one's culture and its expression. 

Hereby I promise that I will donate 1 dollar to the Los Alamos Study Group  for every entry you make about these photos (and it would be nice if you did the same....donate? Best entry wins another bonus!!!
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